Publisher Select 2

Publisher Select 2

Boost your workflow with Publisher Select 2. Create, pre-flight and print sets of technical documents to your large format printer quickly and easily - significantly increasing your overall print productivity.


  • Improved usability and productivity with a new intuitive user interface design
  • Standardise your workflow with easy to use templates
  • Save operator time using drag & drop functionality for job composition
  • Avoid misprints thanks to the automated pre-flight function that detects incompatible settings before job submission
  • Track status and perform actions on submitted jobs
  • Fast printer switching with reduced start up and shutdown time
  • Reduce print preparation time by up to 30% compared to Publisher Select 1

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Productive large format job submission software

Publisher Select 2 is part of the ClearConnect suite that effortlessly integrates with all PlotWave and ColorWave systems, as well as imagePROGRAF iPF830/840/850 series printers, and offers fast printer switching with reduced start up and shutdown time. Thanks to a new intuitive user interface design it also offers improved usability for maximum productivity.

Standardise your workflow

Easy to use templates help you standardise your workflow. The template tiles are easily accessed on the home screen and allow you to group your most commonly used settings – so you can ensure consistent output, day after day, year after year. Creating a new template is just as easy as using one. Simply click on the “+” sign, select the settings of your choice and save the template in your preferred name. You can create as many templates as you need, without limitation.

Save operator time

Save a lot of preparation time thanks to the drag & drop functionality, which allows you to easily select the files you need to print and drop them on the template tile of your choice. The pre-flight window will open automatically. Importing files is equally simple. Just click on the template tile of your choice and import the documents that you need to print as part of a set or job.

Avoid misprints

The automated pre-flight function makes it quick and easy to ensure job settings are correct for each print job – saving you time and money. For example if a job is too big for the available media you will receive a clear warning, indicating which file requires attention. The d

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