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Watch the photoshoot

See all the nominated screenshots and the winner announcement, or join the in-game photoshoot with Leo Sang and Joey Palmroos - everything is available on Annie Fuchsia's Twitch-channel. Here, our in-game photographer and Canon photographer will discuss what makes a great screenshot and give you plenty of inspiration for in-game photography.
Learn to take screenshots Competition winner and top 10 nominees




Images From all Worlds

Thank you to everyone who submitted and a huge comgratulations to all the nominees and winner who captured the beauty of the Eastshade Island. Do you want to travel to Eastshade and try it yourself?
Download Eastshade
eastshade balloon

The Location


Explore the Island of Eastshade, and talk to the inhabitants to learn about their lives. Visit cities, scale summits, unearth mysteries, discover forgotten places, and return home with stunning visuals. Scroll down to get inspired by the nominees and the winner.


Shot by Okeli

The winning shot was found amongst a long list of beautiful images from Eastshade. Congratulations to Okeli, who captured this beautiful image while exploring the area between Nava and Kestrel's Aerie.
Eastshade, Between Nava and Kestrel's Aerie In-game photographer: okeli

The shortlist

There were many beautiful images to choose from. In-game photographer, Leo Sang, and Canon Photographer, Joey Palmroos, had their work cut out form them. See the images they've chosen for the shortlist - and get inspired.

The Creators

One Canon photographer. One in-game photographer. One professional streamer. They all come together with one goal: to pay tribute to the best in-game photography and the creators behind it.

Leonardo Sang, In-game photographer

"Leonardo Sang is a professional in-game photographer. His work has been exhibited in art galleries, and he has shared his knowledge of in-game photography in many interviews and talks.

Leonardo will use his eye and expertise to find the best screenshots and guide you safely through the world of in-game photography. "


Joey Palmroos, Photographer

Joey Palmroos works both in front of the camera on his Youtube channel, but also behind the camera where he shoots still and film for his own clients.

Joey will contribute with years of knowledge as a photographer. He will share whatever struggles or obstacles he has encountered working with content and look at the screenshots through the lens of a professional Canon photographer.

Annie Fuchsia, Twitch streamer and gamer

Annie fuchsia is a full time Twitch streamer and gamer with a whopping 315k followers on her channel. She has spent more than 8.630 hours playing World og Warcraft and recently completed 100% of the in-game achievements.

Annie will host an in-game photoshoot and nominee-event together with Leonardo and Joey. Check out her Twitch schedule to know when the events will take place. " talks.


One Question – Two Worlds

When two different worlds meet some things might be complete contrasts, while others are the exact same. Like how you work with light, storytelling – or even photobombs?


    How do you get inspired to take a perfect picture - and what is Joey's and Leo's favourite shot? Hear how the two photographers find inspiration in two different worlds.


    What equipment do you need for the perfect shot in-game and IRL? And is there any equipment that can help you not to get photobombed? Get the answers to the same questions - with two differnet views.


    What are the worst locations for a shoot in-game and in the physcial world - and what can you do when you're on a set VS in a game? Joey and Leo might get teh same question, but have very different answers.

Activision Blizzard


Some location are amazing if you want to capture beauty. Like locations where the view is out of this world, or where you are less likely to be photobombed by low-res NPCs. We gathered some of those locations for you - take a scroll through the imagery and get inspired.



See amazing locations in Eastshade and get inspired to explore the Saltspring Coast or the Sinkwood Lake. And capture amazing nature photography by the Westerey Woodlands.

The prizes

A complete streaming kit & two tickets to Dreamhack Sweden, Summer 2023

  • Canon EOS R10

    The perfect camera for streaming. With an intuitive interface and smooth setup to your current streaming set-up.


    Every camera needs a lens or two. That’s why the Canon RF-S 18-45mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM and the Canon RF 16mm F2.8 STM is included in the prize. To give you a complete kit, the ACK-E17 AC adapter, the HG-100 Tripod, DM-100 Microphone and the Elgato cam link 4K, is also included to give you high quality streaming for your channel.


    Dreamhack is the biggest gaming convention in the Nordics with everything from LAN parties and expo booths to main-stage shenanigans and tabletop tournaments. Win two tickets to Dreamhack summer 2023 by submitting your best shot.