The Redline Challenge is for ambitious amateur photographers who want to challenge their creativity and test their technical know-how.


And the winner is…

Piotr Skrzypiec from Slovenia with his winning image: Lost Highway. 

“It’s a huge achievement. For me, as a Canon user, the prize is the best set of equipment that I could imagine,” exclaims the photographer and now owner of the Canon EOS R5 and additional Canon gear totalling over EUR 14,000. Piotr will also take on a personal photography assignment, set and mentored by Canon Ambassador and internationally renowned photographer, Lorenz Holder.

“When fog happens only a few times per year, it’s very hard to get there at the right moment. In those conditions, it was really amazing to see,” shares Piotr, the photographer behind the winning image, Lost Highway, captured on the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV at 30 sec, f/8 and ISO 800. © Piotr Skrzypiec


Redline Challenge: the winner

From 32,000, to 20, to 1… discover the story behind the winning Light in the Dark-themed image.


The judging process

Five judges, two days, and a very strong shortlist of photographs, selected from over 30,000 entries. Find out how the winning image was selected as we go behind the scenes with Kai Wong at a secret location in London, UK.

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Light in the dark – see the shortlist

From the thousands of entries, see the shots that caught our judges eyes.
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Find inspiration in the work of 13-time Red Bull Illume Finalist, Lorenz Holder

Known for his fresh and dramatic style - as much fine art as photography - and his exceptional ability to capture the unexpected, even in the most challenging of settings, internationally-renowned photographer Lorenz is brilliantly placed to act as judge and mentor for the Redline Challenge.


Master light in the dark

Lorenz Holder invites you to explore the exciting possibilities of shooting in low-light, capturing the ever-intriguing relationship between light and shadow, colour and contrast.

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Push your creativity and craft with exclusive pro insights

Hear from our inspiring line-up of Canon Ambassadors as they guide you through their approach to shooting in low-light, and offer up tips and tricks to help you master the Light in the dark brief.
View all tips & tricks

    Magical Portraiture in Low Light

    Canon Ambassador Tasneem Al Sultan explores her local city streets, and gives you some final tips and tricks to make the most of light in the dark portraiture using easy to find day to day objects.


    Colour in the dark

    Join Canon Ambassador Lorenz Holder as he explains how to play with colour while shooting in the dark to create unexpected and dramatic results.


    Life in low light

    Canon Ambassador Aline Deschamps shares her tips for using light in the dark to create meaningful documentary images, and reveals how working in low light can often help build your relationship with the subject.


    The particle shot

    Canon Ambassador Lorenz Holder talks you through how to use rain, fog, snow and other elements to add texture to your shots.


    Lighting tricks for night landscapes

    Join Canon Ambassador Valterri Hirvonen as he treks his native Finland at night, creating magical landscape images with simple lighting tricks.


    Slow shutter magic

    Canon Ambassador Lorenz Holder talks you through why the only limit in low light is your imagination.


    Dramatic portraiture in low light

    Canon Ambassador Eliska Sky runs through how her light in the dark challenge stays bold and colourful with simple everyday lighting tips mixed with her signature bold, high fashion portraiture.


    Learn about light

    Canon Ambassador Lorenz Holder talks you through why the only limit in low light is your imagination.

  • Capture low-light like never before

    Be creative in ways you never thought possible with our pioneering range of full-frame mirrorless cameras. Featuring state-of-the-art technologies, access to our library of revolutionary RF lenses, and ground breaking low-light capabilities, the EOS R-System is made for shooting in darkness.

  • Beveidrodiniai fotoaparatai

    EOS R5

    Pamirškite viską, ką iki šiol žinojote apie beveidrodinius fotoaparatus. Bekompromisis fotoaparato EOS R5 veikimas iš esmės pakeis tai, kaip fotografuojate ir kuriate filmus.
  • Beveidrodiniai fotoaparatai

    EOS R6

    Nesvarbu ką fotografuojate ir kaip – su EOS R6 patirsite tokias kūrybines galimybes, kurios anksčiau atrodė neįmanomos.
  • Beveidrodiniai fotoaparatai

    EOS RP

    Mažas, lengvas ir intuityviai valdomas viso kadro beveidrodinis fotoaparatas, skirtas kelionėms ir kasdienėms fotografijoms.
  • Standartinis objektyvas

    RF 50mm F1.8 STM

    Kompaktiškas, tylus ir lengvas 50mm RF fiksuoto židinio nuotolio objektyvas su plačia f/1.8 diafragma tobulai tinka jūsų kūrybinei vizijai atskleisti.
  • Beveidrodiniai fotoaparatai

    EOS R

    Viso kadro beveidrodinis fotoaparatas, atveriantis naujų kūrybinių galimybių fotografams ir operatoriams.
  • RF objektyvai

    RF 24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM

    Puikus kasdienis objektyvas viso kadro beveidrodinį fotoaparatą naudojantiems fotoentuziastams. RF 24–105 mm F4-7.1 IS STM, kurį yra paprasta naudoti, yra lengvas, kompaktiškas ir pasirengęs suteikti jūsų fotografijoms visai kitą lygį.
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  • Automobilių šviesų pėdsakai vakaro šviesoje virš išgaubto tilto. Tirštas rūkas kaip debesis užkloja tilto atramas ir žemę po juo.


    Kaip padaryti šviesos pėdsakus naudojant ilgą išlaikymą

    „Canon“ raudonosios linijos iššūkio nugalėtojas Piotras Skrzypiecas paaiškina, kaip išnaudoti automobilių priekinių ir galinių žibintų šviesą menkai apšviestam kraštovaizdžiui pagyvinti.


    Redline Challenge: the winner

    From 32,000, to 20, to 1… discover the story behind the winning Light in the Dark-themed image.

  • A road network at night with red and white light trails caused by the long exposure, shot from a bridge passing over two roads and a train track.


    Redline Challenge: meet the judges

    Meet the panel of experts who will be picking the best 'Light in the Dark' shot and find out what they look for in a prizewinning image.

  • Two young people relax on a palette bed with an orange throw on it. A plant casts dramatic shadows on the yellow walls.


    Pros reveal how to use darkness to your advantage

    Four Canon Ambassadors explain how shooting in low light is the perfect opportunity to push your creative boundaries.

  • A snowboarder performs a jump on a snowy outcrop, with a golden sunset in the background.


    Pro tips for perfect exposures with flash in low light

    Redline Challenge mentor Lorenz Holder reveals his three favourite techniques when shooting sunset and night-time photography with flash.


    Redline Challenge: tackling 'Light in the Dark'

    Action photographer Lorenz Holder unpacks the first Redline Challenge and shares tips and advice for approaching the brief.

  • A snowboarder high in the air in foggy conditions, eerily lit from behind the crest of a hill.


    Adrenaline-fuelled landscapes

    Discover how Canon Ambassador and Redline Challenge mentor Lorenz Holder fuses landscapes and action in a striking and original way.

  • Rocky outcrops in Zion National park, Utah, USA, pictured at night. Blurred lights run along the road and the Milky Way can be seen in the sky above.


    The dark side: low-light photography

    Valtteri Hirvonen forged his technique during Finland’s gloomy winters. Here he reveals his tips for shooting in low light.


    When action sports meets architecture photography

    Canon Ambassador Lorenz Holder shares how he used a fast-aperture telephoto zoom lens to capture a skateboarder in action under a viaduct.


    Lorenz Holder

    Multi Red Bull Illume award-winning photographer, Lorenz, based in Freising, Germany, specialises in images of action sports combined with landscape and architectural photography.

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